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About EDC Commercial

We are a network of commercial property centres covering all regions of Denmark. EDC Commercial focuses on commercial property with core competences in valuation, sales and leasing for companies and we serve only the business-to-business market.

This leaves no doubt about how your company is prioritized as customer. Our line of business is:

  • Investment properties
  • Housing association properties 
  • Office premises/buildings 
  • Warehouse/production premises 
  • Retail outlets/buildings 
  • Going concerns 
  • Industrial building sites
  • Combined business/housing

In case your company considers implementing Sale & Lease back of a commercial property we are the experts.

Our national network of commercial centres

EDC Commercial’s main strength is our nationwide market coverage which seen from your company’s perspective means that we will always be able serve you on the Danish commercial property market. As a major player in Denmark we feel pretty confident your company not will regret approaching us for any inquiry concerning the Danish commercial property market. Our volume secures a high rate of turn over in our commercial property portfolio and a smaller interest burden for your company when selling or letting.

Targeted marketing

We market commercial properties with many tools:

  • Our prospects are both informative and in a professional layout
  • Visible "For Sale or Lease" signs at the properties 
  • Advertised in relevant media such as national, reginal and local newspapers
  • Accessible on Denmark's most visited website for commercial properties and our own website
  • Flyer despatches to targeted clientele in specific local areas
  • Direct mails to potential property buyers and lessees segmented form our frequently updated databases
  • Denmark's biggest buyer database
  • Segmentation of potential leads through market and target group analyses

All EDC business property agents work for the customers with the single aim of securing a rapid turnover of commercial properties.